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Application submitted for strategic project „Palace of life – City of changes“

On 28th of October 2019 successful application for the project “Palace of life – City of changes“ within the ITU mechanism under the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020” has been submitted. Before the application itself has been enabled by the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds, team work on preparation of the Call and solving the property-law and other legal issues during most of 2018 and entire 2019 has been done by Split Development Agency – RaST, Department for International and EU projects and Department for Historical City Complex, as well as project partners Split City Museum and Split Tourist Board.

Aim of the project is through integrated approach, which includes physical restoration and interpretation of cultural heritage, education of stakeholders and visitors as well as through development of new tourist products based on historical complex of the City of Split with Diocletian’s Palace, to put in use all the locations within project and to provide them with new function of sustainable development for local community which includes economic and social component, as well as to brand the City of Split as the city of complex and live cultural heritage.

The investments within the project include restauration and furnishing of Old City Hall, renovation and furnishing of one part of Split City Museum and southeast tower of Diocletian’s Palace with the adjoining rooms and part of east walls, including implementation of modern presentational displays. Investments include conservation and restauration activities, construction and furnishing of previously mentioned premises, as well as displaying exhibits in order to present layered history and development of the City of Split.

Total value of the project is 25.421.397,75 million HRK, from which 18.225.974,54 million HRK are non-returnable funds of the European Union. Project Lead is City of Split and partners are Split City Museum and Split Tourist Board. Split Development Agency – RaST coordinated the project application and City’s Department for International and EU projects will be implementing the project.