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Case study on Diocletian’s Palace published in prestigious publication of international symposium of historical cities

„Internationales Städteforum Graz“, international symposium of historical cities which is for the past 10 years traditionally held in Graz, issued a publication with regards to 20th anniversary of Graz being listed as UNESCO world cultural heritage. In the publication there are featured articles and lectures of participants of the symposium which was held in June 2019 and on which was also present Antonija Eremut Erceg, the Director of Split Development Agency – RaST.

This year’s event has been dedicated to the theme of architecture and identity in the fast-changing present of cities with historical cultural heritage under the name of “Forever old? Continued building in World Heritage towns and cities“, as part of which Eremut Erceg gave lecture about Diocletian’s Palace named “Case Study: South-East Quadrant of Diocletian’s Palace – A (Hi)Story of Non-Intervening“ and the article on this subject has been also published in the named publication. In this way, the City of Split with its old historical complex by the side of other prestigious UNESCO historical cities, presented its specific case study in the publication.

As a reminder, precisely in 2019 the old historical complex of the city of Split with Diocletian’s palace celebrates 40th anniversary of being listed as part of UNESCO world cultural heritage.

More about the publication and ISG symposium you can read at: https://staedteforum.at/