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Citizens of the City of Split believe that revitalisation of fortress Gripe is necessary

As per results of the on-line poll, 70% of citizens of City of Split are unsatisfied with the current state of fortress Gripe, and more than 98% considers that revitalisation is necessary.

Split Development Agency (Razvojna agencija Split – RaST) in cooperation with the City of Split has developed on-line research to explore how frequent do the local citizens visit fortress Gripe, how much they are satisfied with its contents and what would they like to see there in the future. More than 1700 citizens have participated in on-line poll with 98% of them confirming the need for this City’s initiative.

Results of the research will be used as source of information for students of architecture in Split who will, based on results, create ideas for revitalisation of the fortress during semester workshops. Students’ works will be presented on public exhibition and citizens will be invited to participate in the public debate on the subject. Based on the recommendations from the subject matter experts and citizens’ preferences, the project assignment for the technical documentation of the revitalisation of the fortress would be produced. Workshops are held in cooperation with Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Split as organiser and with professional and operational assistance of Split Development Agency and support of Ministry of Culture – Conservation section in Split.