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Further steps in development of the City Development Strategy as main topic of third Principal Board Meeting

On Tuesday, 28 July 2020 the third meeting of Principal Board for Coordination, Monitoring and Supervision of the Process and the Results of Development and Implementation of Split Development Strategy until 2030 has been held.

Topics of the meeting were reporting from University of Split as creator of the strategic document about the completion of first draft of complete state analysis and further steps in the development of the Strategy, including the analysis of post-COVID-19 effects in the autumn of 2020, the changes in the dynamical-methodological plan, the engagement of Faculty of Transport for creating the section related to traffic, as well as contracting ex-ante evaluator and development of Communication Strategy as per national guidelines.

On behalf of University, participants of the meeting were the vice-rector of the University Leandra Vranješ Markić and head coordinator Vinko Muštra. On behalf of the Principal Board, participants were the President of the Board Andro Krstulović Opara and appointed Board Members of their replacements from the City Council: Goran Kotur (SDP), Tonći Blažević (HSLS), Tomislav Prljević (HDZ), Jakov Prkić (Pametno) and Ivan Barišić (MOST). Also on the meeting there were present the representatives of local coordinator, Split Development Agency – RaST.

Coordinator Vinko Muštra emphasized the importance of including the COVID-19 analysis in the final version of the state analysis as per recommendation of ex-ante evaluator, so that realistic insight in the state after the pandemic and its related effects could be achieved. With that goal, suggestions for testing its impact have already been prepared and they include on-line surveys, questionnaires, work groups and individual consultations with relevant experts.

Local coordinator emphasized the importance of including the local public in the phases of the development of Strategy besides those instructed by the law, so that the Strategy could be as available as possible and that the public is included in the development process itself. All present have welcomed that planned approach which will also be the part of Communication Strategy.