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In 2018. RaST secured more than 42 million HRK non-refundable funds

In the first year of being newly activated, since February 2018 when agency started under new name and with new employees, Development Agency of City of Split (Razvojna agencija Split – RaST d.o.o.) has applied 14 projects on different EU Calls for proposals and so far secured 42.164.074,92 HRK of non-refundable funds for financing city projects in culture, social care, energy renovation, waste management etc.

Total value of 14 mentioned projects is 97.045.649,83 HRK from which during year of 2018, 52.405.271,35 HRK were approved (from which 42.164.074,92 HRK non-refundable) and 43.855.936,46 HRK is still under evaluation.

Funds of City of Split invested in RaST during 2018 totals in 800.000,00 HRK (640.000,00 HRK without taxes) which includes office furnishing and work equipment, creating web page and visual identity, employees’ salaries, education and first phase of feasibility study for Technology park in Dračevac. Taking into consideration funds invested by the City of Split compared to RaST contribution through securing non-refundable funds for implementation of city projects, RaST has returned in 2018 to his founder 52 times more value based on invested material funds (invested 800.000,00 HRK; secured 42.164.074,92 HRK).