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In two years of work RaST submitted project proposals worth HRK 138 million

In two years of work, precisely from February 2018 since it has been reactivated with new people and new name, Split Development Agency – RaST submitted application for total of 23 projects on various calls of European Union, national and regional calls, and so far secured HRK 56,387,202.51 of non-refundable funds for financing city projects in cultural heritage, social care, energy renovation, waste disposal, sport etc.

Total value of 23 projects which have been submitted is HRK 137,923,534.19, from which during January 2020 solely has been applied for HRK 4,875,000.00 worth of projects.From total value of sumbitted projects HRK 56,387,202.51 are so far secured non-refundable funds and HRK 41,061,817.17 is still under evaluation.