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Presentation of the project “Technology Park Split on Dračevac” and public call for expression of interest for space usage within the Technology Park

With the presence of the mayor Andro
Krstulović-Opara, advisor for city development and EU funds Krešimir
Budiša and director of Development agency Split – RaST d.o.o.
Antonija Eremut Erceg, project “Technology part Split on Dračevac”
has been presented to the press as well as public call for expression
of interest has been announced.

As mentioned by the mayor’s advisor Budiša, the
aim of the public call for the expression of interest for the usage
of space which will be published today is to accomplish something
that has not been common practice in Dalmatia nor in Croatia so far,
and that is on the basis of conceptual solution to investigate the
interest of entrepreneurs and future users of the Technology park
about their wishes and needs.

“Means have already been secured for the central
building of Technology Park and there is already interest shown by
the entrepreneurs from Split. The call will be written on English
also for the foreign companies and will be sent to diplomatic
representations which often, visiting the city express this kind of
interest”, says Budiša and adds that price is formed based on
competitiveness of middle and east Europe.

He also mentioned that in the three areas of the
zone Dračevac, in one of which is also located Technology Park, will
also be the traffic centre of Split with the new garage of public
transportation, Traffic police station and Traffic constabulary,
Split parking, and third area has been donated by the state to
archdiocese of Split-Makarska who will independently develop its own

“With adoption of the DPU (Detailed
Organizational Plan) Dračevac we will start with the work on
Technology Park, while central building should be finished in 2020 as
there are deadlines which are dictated by the EU funds and the price
of the space rental of 9 EUR per square metre including all expenses
should be competitive enough while also assuring sustainability”,
advisor Krešimir Budiša concluded.

Development Agency Split – RaST d.o.o. today is
publishing a Public call that will last until 6th
of July and which purpose is to explore the sort of interest amount
potential future users of the space.

“It is interesting that the Agency has been
founded in 2006 with the name of Split Development Agency (Splitska
razvojna agencija) specifically for managing Dračevac, however due
to unfavourable circumstances agency has been put in hibernation,
without employees. In January 2018 it has been newly activated and
now it is up to us to do it right considering we have secured
external funding sources through ITU mechanism of Split urban
agglomeration. We are following a process which is not common, as we
are not building an object and then searching for people, but first
we are searching for people and then building the object as people
are the most important infrastructure”, emphasized the director
Eremut Erceg.

She explained that there are preferred areas of
activity which are information and communication technologies (ICT)
and mobility which is also in accordance with the Strategy of smart
specialization of Republic of Croatia and the plan is to encourage
this kind of industry in the city area so tourism monoculture would
not consume the city in the following 10 years.

The results and the data gathered by the Public
call for expression of interest will be one of the input parameters
for the design of urbanistic solution of the City project Dračevac,
as well for the feasibility study of the project itself.

Technology Park Dračevac with the quality of its
space and service will be the place that will attract not only users
from Split and surroundings but even from the wider area, it has been
concluded at today’s press briefing.