• Fortress Gripe

Fortress Gripe

Fortress Gripe represents insufficiently articulated and sub-optimally used cultural, historical and spatial resource of the City of Split. Designing the program and setting the space of the fortress of Gripe in the function that is adapted primary to the citizens, and secondary to the temporarily visitors, diversification of public contents and unburdening of old city core would be enabled and sustainable management of the fortress would be assured.


With that goal, RaST will, with the support of City of Split and in cooperation with Faculty of civil engineering, architecture and geodesy in Split, co-organize semester students’ workshop in the fall semester of academic year 2018/2019. This interdisciplinary workshop would test spatial and content possibilities (narrower and broader coverage analysis, spatial and content connection with

the old city core and the possibilities of its relief), explore the needs of existing and future users/citizens (on-line poll, public debates), and on this basis to offer conceptual, content and urbanistic (traffic) scenarios for the fortress of Gripe and publicly present them through exposition and catalogue. Mentioned guidelines would serve as input data in design of DPU Gripe after what production of project-technical documentation would follow with the goal of prompt preparation of project for non-refundable grants financing in the next financial perspective.

Citizens of the City of Split believe that revitalisation of fortress Gripe is necessary

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