• Split – city with vision

Split – city with vision

In accordance with the Decision to create „Development strategy of the City of Split 2020 – 2030“, made at the City Council session on March 20th 2018, CLASS: 300-01/17-01/13, DC.NUMBER: 2181/01-09-02/01-18-7, Development Agency of the City of Split (Razvojna agencija Split – RaST d.o.o.) has the role of local coordinator of design and reporting about implementation of the Strategy.

The institutional framework for drafting and implementing the Strategy is consisted of General Board, the Partners Council, Working Groups, Local Coordinator, Ex-ante Evaluator, Developer of the Strategic Document and independent experts engaged by the City of Split.

RaST, as local coordinator, within the development of the strategic document participates in collection of data for the Analysis of the current state, gathering and defining the vision and the strategic goals, SWOT analysis, defining development goals, priorities and measures, harmonisation of city vision with the development goals, priorities and measures, organisation of public consultations and public hearings, development of Action plan on three-year basis and harmonisation of the final version of the “Development strategy of the City of Split until 2030” which be suggested for City Council adoption by the end of 2020.

After the acceptance, RaST as local coordinator will inform City Council and national competent authorities about the dynamics and the efficacy of implementation of the goals and measures defined by the strategic document.

Further steps in development of the City Development Strategy as main topic of third Principal Board Meeting

Third coordination meeting between University of Split and RaST

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