• Technology Park Split – Dračevac

Technology Park Split – Dračevac

Razvojna agencija Split – RaST d.o.o., in coordination with the City of Split, is in the process of developing strategic project for Technology park Split on the area of Detailed Urban Plan (DPU) of City project Dračevac in Split.

For the entire area of the City project Dračevac, conceptual urbanistic solution has been developed and on the 94th government session, held on May 4th 2018 in Split, a Conclusion has been made about the intention of donation of the land on behalf of Republic of Croatia to the City of Split, after modifications and amendments of the DPU Work zone Dračevac have been finalized, which has been planned for October 2018 as per set timeline.

Technology Park Split will be finalized through several phases, according to interests of its users. Project’s first phase has estimated value of 10.000.000,00 EUR and presents the investment in the central building, parking space and access roads to Technology park. For this building funds are secured through ITI mechanism of Urban agglomeration Split, and the construction itself should be finalized by the end of 2020.


During June and July of 2018, RaST has organized a public call for interest of space usage within the area of future Technology park Split with the purpose of informative insight in the number of interested legal entities which, apart from the space in the central building, have the need for construction of additional objects.

15 applications have been received by the entrepreneurs within the area of high-tech activities, who have shown interest for 21.375 m2 of office space and 3.050 m2 of production space, with the estimated number of workers within the Technology park being 1470, and 404 of which for newly opened working places.

On the basis of collected expressions of interest, and after the adoption of DPU Work zone Dračevac and donation of the land to the City of Split, a public call for the selection of entrepreneurs will be held, who will, with the condition of satisfying the formal and qualitative criteria, have the right to use the space and services of future Technology park Split.

In parallel with this process, the City of Split will obtain the technical documentation and together with RaST, and with the support of interdisciplinary Working group established in July of 2018, apply and finalize the project within the mechanism of Integrated Territorial Investments and its own sources of financing.

Presentation of the project “Technology Park Split on Dračevac” and public call for expression of interest for space usage within the Technology Park

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