• Technology Park Split – Dračevac

Technology Park Split – Dračevac

Since 2018 the City of Split is developing strategic project for Technology park in Split in the area marked within Detailed Urban Plan (DPU) of City Project Dračevac. The role of Split Development Agency – RaST is to provide support to the City of Split in project development and in the process of preparing and submitting application for the EU co-financing of the project.

For the entire area of the City Project Dračevac, conceptual urbanistic solution has been developed and on the 94th government session, held on May 4th 2018 in Split, a Conclusion has been made about the intention of donation of the land on behalf of Republic of Croatia to the City of Split, after modifications and amendments of the DPU Work zone Dračevac. The donation has officially been executed on May 7th, 2020.

The project of developing Technology Park Split – Dračevac will be finalized through several phases, according to interests of its future users. Project’s first phase has estimated value of 22.000.000,00 EUR and presents the investment in the central building of Technology park for construction of which co-financing has been secured through ITU mechanism of Urban agglomeration Split from two different Priority Axes; Priority Axes 6 “Protection of the environment and sustainability of the resources”, Specific Goal 6e2 “Revitalisation of brownfield locations (ex military and/or industry areas), and from Priority Axes 3 “Business competitiveness”, Specific Goal 3a2 “Providing a favorable environment for establishing and developing companies”.

Central object of the Technology Park will, after reconstruction and upgrade, and after final decorating and furnishing have the total net area of 17.571,65 m2 and will have 5.952,70 m2 of offices, 460,70 m2 of co-working space, 697,40 m2 of incubation offices (up to 5 employees), 858 m2 of conference space, 3 laboratories for high technologies and other services for employees as restaurant, cafes, day-care centre, gym etc. Central building should be finalized by the end of 2023.

During June and July of 2018, RaST has organized a public call for interest of space usage within the area of future Technology Park where total of 15 applications have been received from different hi-tech companies which showed interest in using entrepreneurial-supportive services which Technology Park will offer. As per received applications of interest, 15 companies showed the need for using total of 24.425 m2 of space, from which 21.375 m2 of office space and 3.050 m2 of production space, with the estimated number of workers within the Technology park being 1470, and 404 of which for newly opened working places.

On the basis of collected expressions of interest, and after the adoption of DPU Work zone Dračevac and donation of the land to the City of Split, a public call for the selection of entrepreneurs will be held, who will, with the condition of satisfying the formal and qualitative criteria, have the right to use the space and services of future Technology Park in Dračevac.

In parallel with this process, the City of Split is working on project’s technical documentation, and with support of Split Development Agency, will submit project application for EU co-financing within the Mechanism of Integrated Territorial Investments (ITU mechanism) under direct Calls for Proposals which are announced for the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021.

105 million HRK non-refundable to Technology Park Split

Important step in the implementation of city’s strategic project: Croatian Government donated the land for Technology Park and Traffic Centre

Presentation of the project “Technology Park Split on Dračevac” and public call for expression of interest for space usage within the Technology Park

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