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RaST secured funds for the remediation of Firule bay and POŠK cape landslides, and micro landfills in Žnjan

Split Development Agency – RaST d.o.o. has secured HRK 600,000.00 of non-refundable funds for the remediation of the landslide in Firule bay and POŠK cape, and the rehabilitation of micro landfills on the eastern part of the Žnjan plateau.

RaST d.o.o. submitted the project in April this year, based on documentation and guidance from the City of Split’s Office for Construction and Management of Strategic Projects along with City’s Administrative Department for Municipal Economy. Public call was directed towards co-funding of maritime domain projects in the Split-Dalmatia County.

The project entails co-financing the remediation of landslides and damages to the maritime domain along the promenades in the Firule bay and POŠK cape, as well as the rehabilitation of micro landfill areas, and the removal of burnt and wild vegetation in the eastern part of the Žnjan plateau. Development of technical design documentation for complete renewal of Firule and Ovčice beaches is also planned as an activity of the project.

There are multiple aims to this project: to raise the level of safety of citizens and visitors in the maritime domain of the Firule bay and POŠK cape, where soil erosion has occurred; to raise the safety of visitors to the Žnjan Plateau by removing micro-landfills with overgrown vegetation, along with garbage collection, and leveling of demolition waste in the area.

Also, the project aims to create all the necessary prerequisites for permanent arrangement of the Firule bay and Ovčice beach. The estimated total value of the project is HRK 922,030.00, of which 65% is non-refundable, and the rest will be provided by the City of Split from its own sources.