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Ride from Trogir to Podstrana, from Split to Dicmo: bike-sharing system to be implemented in cities and municipalities of the Split urban agglomeration

„Pick Bike!“ – bike-sharing system development project of the Split urban agglomeration aims to popularize bicycles as an alternative mode of public transport. That will be accomplished through development and improvement of cycling infrastructure, and implementation of bike terminals throughout the selected eight municipalities of Split urban agglomeration. The system as a whole will serve as an upgrade and supplement to the existing public transport system, and a means of quicker access to the public transport stops.

Project proposal was submitted on October 16 to the ITI Call „Urban mobility – Development of public bicycle system in the Split urban agglomeration area“, and will be co-financed by the European Union.

The project includes City of Split as a coordinator, and seven partners – cities and municipalities within Split urban agglomeration: Cities of Solin, Kaštela, Trogir, and municipalities of Podstrana, Klis, Dugopolje and Dicmo.

City of Split and project partners will benefit from project’s activities, as there will be 41 new terminal with mixed contingent of 242 bicycles in total. In addition, two new cycling roads will be implemented – one in Split (Trstenik cove), and another one in Trogir (Brigi-Lokvice area). Other project activities include development of analytic study that will be the basis for further development of integrated system of cycling roads in the Split urban agglomeration area. Project’s activities will be carried out by June of 2022.

Total estimated value of investment caps at 13,609 million kuna, of which 10,893 million are non-refundable EU funds.

Project was prepared by Split Development Agency – RaST, with support from Administrative Department for International and EU Projects of the City of Split.